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Apple testing new ad spot on homepage of App Store Search tab

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Apple is one of the most amazing companies around the world. The company has been dealing with amazing smartphones and other devices in the market with wonderful features and specifications. We have seen to attract consumers and maintain its dignity in the market Apple brings new technology and innovation in its devices. Even when it comes to advertising its product Apple chooses the most innovative and attractive idea. Recently it was seen that Apple is not testing new ways in the monetization of the App Store. On the App Store Search Ads program users can now be able to see a new sponsored ad slot appearing in the search tab as a suggested item.

Apple testing new ad spot

Apple showed ads

Earlier Apple ads were shown in the App Store only when you search for an app with advertisers bidding on keywords, similar to Google search ads. According to the sources, it was found that the app is listed as a suggested one for iPhone users to install. Currently, this new ad is showing up only on the iOS 14.5 beta. However, there could be chances that it won’t be kept for the final version of the build. Now if Apple keeps this feature intact then if you type any keyword to search for its typed then add appear before it.

Collection of important stats

Apple has introduced this feature to use the bet period in the collection of important stats. These stats are regarding how often users engage with the ads in the particular slot. This will also in turn decide whether to keep the ads in that location. This process of ads has been started by Apple in 2016. Even the company is now started including the ads for its services features in the setting app. The company is generating a good amount of money which is a part of Apple’s Service unit. All this includes Apple Care+, iCloud, Apple Music, Fitness+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, Apple News+, Apple One, Apple Pay, and many more.

Money generated by ads

According to the sources it was seen that service has earned $53.77 billion. This data about the last year’s stats. This generation of money has allowed Apple to meet and beat a goal to achieve $50 billion in revenue for the division by the fiscal year 2020.

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