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Apple partners launch ‘GetActiveIndia’ challenge for Watch users

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Apple is one of the most amazing companies around the world. The company is using wonderful devices with amazing features and specifications. Apple’s habit of using the latest technology and innovation in its devices has kept it in the first position till now in the world. Apple partners with India has launched a new challenge for Apple watch users. Apple Watches are one of the first choices among consumers in India. Now this challenge is for Indian users which shows ‘GetActiveIndia’. This challenge is only for Apple Watch users. As the name suggests the challenge will surely be of benefit to the Indian users. As it will surely be in favor of fitness and activeness of the users. So now let’s have a look over this challenge.

challenge for Watch users

The aim behind this challenge

Apple’s main aim behind this is to encourage people to stay active and fit. This will be done by closing their activity rings their watch every day. As when the users will close the activity rings everyday accumulation of points to the users. This will further improve the ranking of the city they represent on the overall leaderboard. And while doing so the users will be awarded an Achievement badge on the Challenge app. This will be done on the basis of the points earned by them.

Duration of the challenge

Those who are unaware of this. The challenge will start from February 15 to March 14. This is by Apple’s nation distributors and authorized resellers.

How to participate?

To participate in this challenge you just need to download Challenges App on your iPhone. Later enter the code which is India and then select the city. Based on your body weight you will be assigned a moving goal by the application. As you move close towards the ring you will earn 12 points each time.

Matter of points

There is the main thing in the challenge is to earn points. These are categorized as 40 points for a Bronze, 60 points for a Silver, and 80 points for a Gold badge. You can earn a maximum of 36 move points each day. Exercise points are awarded on closing the exercise ring on the watch. Each time earning 12 points closes the ring. Participants earn 1 point for each stand hour and a maximum of 14 standpoints can be earned each day. If you close all their activity rings in one day then you will earn 12 bonus points each day.

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