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Apple could stop production of the 5G iPhone 12 Mini next quarter

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Apple is one of the most amazing company around the world. The company has been dealing with amazing smartphones and even other devices with wonderful features and specifications. If we look over the data then Apple remains the first company in smartphones manufacturing unit. Although if we look over the prices of Apple smartphones they are somewhat not affordable to everyone but the feature and specifications of Apple smartphones goes well with the price. We cannot ignore the quality which Apple provides in the market. Recently the company has launched iPhone 12 series to which consumers has shown amazing love towards it. Now there are some expectations that company could stop the production of the 5G iPhone 12 Mini. This has been revealed by various data and Apple might take this step by the next quarter which is from April to June.

iPhone 12 Mini

Small is out

This smartphone is available at an amazing price with wonderful specifications. But according to data it has been observed that Mini devices are getting obsolete. The users of such small units are now wants to have a bigger screen devices as they believe that small is out now. This belive by various consumers has now forced the company to think twice while the further production of the smartphone. The consumers feel that the devices which are available with larger screen they makes easier to view social media sites, and even they offer larger batteries.

Low sales

If we look over the data then this iPhone 12 5G Mini and it’s 5.4 inch display made up only 5% of iPhone 12 series sales. This estimation is only fir thr first half of January. There are three more smartphones in the series in which iPhone 12 Mini is the most affordable one. But Apple is considering everyone and those who love small screen for them iPhone SE 2020 is an option.

New Mini Apple Smartphone

Despite the data revelation company is expected to launch an iPhone 12s/13 mini later this year. Even some people believes that smaller screens are easier to handle and also for smaller hands to navigate. This is not confirmed by Apple itself so must keep the news as a pinch of salt.

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