ZTE Axon 30 Pro

ZTE Axon 30 Pro to come with a 200MP camera

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ZTE is the renowned Chinese company. This company deals in wide variety of telecommunications and it’s is considered best in its field. The company also deals in wide variety of smartphones in the market. The devices comes with wonderful feature and specifications. Recently the company has announced that they are about to launch ZTE Axon 30 Pro in the market. A new has revealed the camera specifications of the smartphone. The device is expected to be the successor of ZTE Axon 20 Pro flagship. This leak has suggested that smartphone will comes with 200 megapixel sensor. This means the camera quality of the smartphone will be quite high. This could turn be a main attraction for the users in the market. One of the famous Chinese tipster has revealed on Weibo and according to the post shared by tipster the camera configurations has been shared on Weibo. Let’s have a look over the details of the leak.

ZTE Axon 30 Pro specs

The ZTE Axon 30 Pro may arrive with the Samsung’s 200 megapixel sensor. However, it is not confirmed by company this is informed with just a leak. Even the smartphone is the first commercial device which will be a available with such an amazing sensor. Let’s have a look over its camera specifications now:-

  1. The model number of the camera will be S5KGND
  2. It will features an optical camera format of 1/1.37″
  3. The camera has a pixel size of 1.28 um
  4. The pixel focus size of the camera will have a size of 0.64um.
  5. The camera features quad pixel autofocus
  6. It will also have mimics of 50 megapixel image sensor by quad pixel binning or a 12.5 megapixel by 16:1 pixel binning.
  7. The device will also support 16k video output.
  8. However, Samsung has not informed about the camera specifications of the smartphone about the 200 megapixel sensor. But still there are some possibilities that the company will announce the camera specifications of the camera shortly.

The launch of the smartphone is expected to be after the Chinese New Year holidays. And holidays are just few weeks from today. The specifications of the smartphone also not revealed yet. But soon company will officially reveals the specifications and the actual launch date of the smartphone.

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