ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro

ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro with 200W power output, 25000 mAh Battery launching this January

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ZMI is the Xiaomi’s ecological chain. The company has been manufacturing various great devices which have amazing features and specifications and also they attract huge number of consumers towards it. ZMI generally deals in wide variety of charging accessories for the smartphones, laptops. Recently in October 2020 the company has introduced ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro. And now the device will be on Sale. However, if look at the company’s profile then the accessories such as power banks, wired Chargers, wireless charger which are manufactured by the company are sold at a good units when they are launched. This time the Power bank Pro will also be loved by the consumers as the specifications and features of the Power bank are amazing. The device seems to be successor of the ZMI No. 10 Mobile power bank. Let’s have a look over the specifications and price of the Power bank.

ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro sale date

The company has released the poster regarding the sale of the gadget. As it will be on sale on January 6, 2021.

ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro Price

ZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro has been priced at 399 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $59.

ZMI No. 20 Power bank ProZMI No. 20 Power bank Pro specs

  1. This is the upgraded version of the Power bank with 200W charging capacity
  2. This could be only Power bank which supports up to 120W fast charging.
  3. It has a unique design which has LED screen on the side of the mobile Power bank
  4. It also shows the display real time power
  5. There are two USB-C ports on the top of the Power bank. One of the port supports 100W whereas other support 45W charging.
  6. This Power bank could charge all notebooks with Type C ports on the market.
  7. It also has another USB Type-A port which provides 120W output.
  8. It also supports 65W self charging. It could get charged in just 2 hours completely
  9. When it comes to the battery capacity. It has huge battery capacity. It offers 25,000 mAh battery which can be used for too long to charge the devices.
  10. It could charge iPhone SE 2020 easily from 0 to full charge eight solid times and the MacBook Pro 1.3 times.

However, the charger has amazing features and specifications and it will surely be loved by the users in the market.

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