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Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology to bring wire-free charging experience

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Xiaomi is one the best company around the world. The company has been dealing in great devices with wonderful features and specifications. Either it is smartphone or some other gadgets Xiaomi never fails to prove its innovation in the devices. The company has been considered in one of the few companies which is setting pace in new innovations and amazing technologies. Even the accessories which are produced by Xiaomi has based on wonderful technology. Recently company has announced an charging technology for the smartphones. This is called Xiaomi’s Mi Air Charge technology. The company’s new innovation allows the users to Charge multiple devices simultaneously without using a cable of a wireless charging stand.

Mi Air Charge Technology functioning

  1. The company has already filed the patent for this wonderful technology
  2. They will make use of a special self developed tower which will uses beamforming technology to send millimetre waves directly to a device.
  3. Later such waves will be converted in to electric power which charges the device.
  4. The tower will consists of 5 phase detection antennas which will detect the smartphone in just milliseconds.
  5. It will have 144 beamforming antennas.
  6. The smartphone also includes fitted two antennas arrays similar to the ones in the Charging device but they are very small in size.
  7. One of the two antennas is the beacon array which communicates with Charging tower
  8. The other antenna works as the receiving one and it is made up to 14 antennas which receive waves.
  9. These waves will further converted into electrical Power using a special circuit and used to charge the device.
  10. This is how a smartphone will get charged easily without even using a data cable or using a wireless charging stand.
  11. This is a new innovation towards a remote Charging technology.
  12. Currently this technology supports the charging of multiple devices simultaneously at long range at a maximum power of 5W per device.

Suitability of Mi Air Charge technology

Currently it can charge the small devices easily. While seeing it’s features it shows that company’s main motive are small devices and home appliances not the smartphone. In future it will be able to charge wearable devices such as Smartwatches and fitness trackers.

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