WhatsApp Users made Over 1.4 billion video and voice calls on New Year’s Eve globally

WhatsApp Users made Over 1.4 billion video and voice calls on New Year’s Eve globally

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak around the globe, most people have celebrated new year’s eve virtually. As they could not able to meet their family, friends so most of the people took WhatsApp around the globe to make video and voice calls to each other. This time a record has been broken as more than 1.4 billion voice and video calls have been made around the globe. According to Facebook information, this is the most counted calls in a single day on the platform. This number has been increased by almost 50% from the previous year’s one. During this lockdown, most of the people have used WhatsApp as the medium of communication. They generally use voice and video calls to contact their families and friends. But on new year’s Eve, this number seems to be very huge. But all thanks to the technology that people were able to celebrate the occasion in these difficult times as well.

Pre covid situation

According to Facebook’s report, the pre-COVID-19 situation was only brought a hike in the messages, photo uploads, and social sharing at midnight around the globe. But as the pandemic has outbreaks in the world people become more dependent on WhatsApp. Even if someone wants to have a little conversation with anyone they took the most common application that is WhatsApp to communicate with each other. Also, the company has seen a huge traffic spike in the world in the mid of March 2020. There were various such people and professionals who used WhatsApp to have meetings and conferences. If we compare WhatsApp traffic with that of March and now then the company has made great advancements in efficiency improvements and made the infrastructure more resilient. This all has to lead the people to communicate in this huge number using the WhatsApp application on new year eve with each other. However, the company has not revealed the number of messages was exchanged but if we look at the last year’s number then there were 100 billion messages which were shared around the globe. As in India itself, more than 20 billion messages were shared. So we can imagine the number must have increased this time.

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