Samsung and Tesla

Tesla has partnered with Samsung to manufacture its upcoming self-driving system on a chip, Know more

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Samsung and Tesla both are one of the best and renowned companies in their own field. The company has brought various new innovations to the market of their respective owners. Recently Tesla has announced the launch in the Indian market. This has also got Tesla too much attention for the Electric Car market. Recently a news came that the world’s renowned companies Samsung and Tesla has announced a partnership project. In this project both the companies are about to bring a self driving chip which will be built on South Korea giants new 5nm process. As Tesla is working in the auto driving electric cars. This introduction by the partnership between both the companies will be a developing one. The 5nm process is very much similar with that of fabrication the Exynos 2100 processor which is used in Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone. Tesla has already launched self driving chip in the market earlier in 2019. Now this introduction of new chip will be loved the people in the market.

Samsung and TeslaTesla and Samsung 5nm chip

  1.  Samsung is currently working on the research and development of this wonderful project.
  2.  The 5nm chip is about to be mounted in Tesla autonomous vehicle.
  3.  This conductor will be applied with the extreme ultraviolet EUV process.
  4.  This project is considered as one such which could only be developed by the companies like Samsung due to its capabilities of producing such chipsets in the markets.
  5.  This chip is expected to be a way better than that of the current ones.
    Although the chip is now under the progress and soon it will be available to the users to avail this in the gadgets.
  6.  Even if the production will start in 2022 the 5nm chip will not be the leading node which will also free up capacity at Samsung’s end.

It will make chips everything from the smartphones to lot devices. Such chips will bring autonomous cars to bring a next level introduction to the vehicles. Although the Samsung 5nm tech is considered to be inferior than that of TSMC’s 5nm tech but it will have great impact on the vehicles. The chip will surely be an amazing one.

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