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Snoppa Atom 2 Phone Gimbal with auto-foldable design launched on Kickstarter, Specs And Price

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Snoppa is a Chinese company which is known for its electronic new and amazing gadgets. The company manufactures 3 axis gimbal stabilizer series, handled, on vehicle types, it also deals in sports camera, and also smartphones. Recently a new gadget of Snoppa has been launched in the market. This device is Snoppa Atom 2 Phone Gimbal with 3 Axis. The device has been launched on Kickstarter. For those who are not aware of Snoppa, it is one the most known brand for stabilizing gimbals. However, the new gadget has been launched under crowdfunding. There are some of the key features which are also informed by the company at the time of launch. For its devices, Snoppa uses its multi-axis stabilizing technology which is its self developed one. Although, Snoppa devices are loved by the users for their individual use as well as if they want to use them for professional use. Let’s have a look over the features and specifications of the new gadget launched by the company.

Snoppa Atom 2 Phone Gimbal specs

  1. This new gadget has auto Foldable mechanism
  2. It has 3 axis gimbal functions
  3. It offers an ingenious hybrid 3 axis structural design
  4. While using the 3 axis features you can avoid the problem of shakes and jitters in all 3 axes. You can easily roll, tilt, and pan, and even balance the gadget easily with the help of this technology
  5. This gives the users to get amazing photos and videos. Also helps in capturing the exact moment
  6. The roll and pan six of the device uses a direct drive brushless motor
  7. It tilt axis of the device uses a special hybrid brushless motor
  8. It also gives you AI recognition and tracking, time-lapse, slow motion, panorama, Beauty mode, gesture control, and more.
  9. It even gives you gestures to start and stop the shooting mode, you can also shot the clock, inception mode
  10. You can charge the device from 0 to full in just 1 hour

Snoppa Atom 2 price and availability

The device is all to launch at the starting price of $69 which is roughly estimated as HK$535. Those who want to purchase this amazing gadget can purchase it from February 2021

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