Tbike Flex Electric Cargo Bike

Smartron Launches Tbike Flex Electric Cargo Bike upto 120km range launched in India

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Smartron is the one of the fastest growing Indian Company. This is the Indian tech company which has just a great device in the market. However, there are not many people who know about this as it is the startup but eventually it turns to be a fast rising startup in the market. Recently the company has launched Tbike Flex. This is an electric bike which could be used in cargo delivery. However, this new invention by the Indian tech will lead to a great success for the company. This electric bike could be used for medium range deliveries and connectivity. It also offers various such features which helps in the food delivery, and could also be used by various e commerce companies. As the bike is electric bike one cannot image to use for a long route but for the short ones this is the perfect gadget which one could use. Let’s have a look over the features and specifications of the bike.

Smartron Tbike Flex specs

  1. This bike could carry a load of 40kg in a 120km radius around the city.
  2. It has sublime versatility as it could be moved in dense traffic.
  3. It has a top speed of 25 kmph.
  4. It has the range of up to 120 km per charge.
  5. It also gives high density swappable battery packs. It gives lifecycle in the region of 150,000km.

Tbike Flex Electric Cargo BikeSmartron Tbike Flex features

  1. This bike can be used for the effective business activities.
  2. It can even minimal parking footpath so it helps in the fast movement of activities
  3. The bike also has a cargo carrying container which helps in the storage of the products easily
  4. This cargo container can also be adjusted according to the requirements
  5. As the bike do not require any kind of license so it can be used by numerous people in the country
  6. It is manufactured to kept in mind that helps in the reduction of carbon footprints.

Smartron Tbike Flex price and availability

The Tbike is all set to be sold from Rs 40,000 which is roughly estimated as $548. It is currently under testing in India, Mexico, and Latin America.

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