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Singer R. Kelly shares Shut Up song from prison on 54th birthday

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R.Kelly is R&B star. As he is behind the bars awaiting trial on sex crime charges. These charges are related to six women and girls. Recently on the 8 Jan, 2021 he has shared a track. On 8 Jan it was his birthday. As the star is behind the bars but nothing stop him to share a track on social media. He turned 54 that day when he has shared an amazing track for his fans. R.Kelly is Chicago based artist and nothing has stopped him to share a track on his social media handle. This track was written to address those who have confronted the artist about his alleged abuse of young women and girls. He has shared a new track with the name Shut up. Let’s have more details about the new track.

Tsunami of Rumors

There are several championships belts, Kelly, born Robert Kelly, they uploaded one verse from this 2011 song, which is Hut Up. He took his Instagram handle where he speaks of a tsunami of rumors ruining his career. Not only this the songwriter has also posted the lyrics of the song. All this post includes his feelings which he has expressed through this post. Before all this he has a blessed career but after this his life was spoiled. He has expressed that many people hate him too much now. But there are still some people who also love him. He even expressed that he wants everyone to shut up just because he did not feel good for what people think about him. He even expressed that he is blessed to have this amazing and wonderful life.

After all this and during this difficult time Kelly has faced too much hated for this case. But he remained strong and he never fails to express his feelings every time. Those who love him he gave a wonderful gift to them with this song. Also Kelly’s sex trafficking and racketeering case in Brooklyn is scheduled to go to trial in early April. This case might take a new turn for the songwriter. His fans must be waiting for some good news and wishing him a long life on his birthday.

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