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Ryan Adams, American singer, songwriter, record producer cleared in FBI investigation into underage sexts

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Ryan Adams is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, and poet. He is one of the most popular singers in the country. Earlier in 2019 the singer has been entered into an explicit correspondence. He was 46 years old and this explicit was with 14 years old girl who went by the pseudonym Ava. He has been cleared of sexting an underage female fan. However, the singer has been undergone through a FBI investigation where no such actual or solid proof could be seen against him. Later with no evidence has been found so the investigation has been closed that too without charges in the fall of 2019. At the time when the charges has been accused against him his career was already a foregoing one. Such Charge has now been proved wrong and singer is set free against the false claim.

Ryan AdamsClaims against the singer

Ryan has wrote Ava in November 2014 that he would get in trouble if someone got to know that they have been taking. Also the girl claimed that once the pair have conducted a video call on Skype with Ryan which resulted that he appeared naked during the call. However, for the claim Adam seems not to be convinced by Ava’s answers regarding her age, and their conversation did not cease. Later when all this went Public, and the allegations also Went through many people’s eye Adams has given a statement through his lawyer. He informed that he was never went in such inappropriate online sexual communication with someone he knew was underage. There were various such controvercies and this surely has created the problem to the fame of singer. Various other women have came forward who believed to have been of age during their correspondence. They have their own claims regarding Adams. The women has also accused the singer of using the promise of career help to lure them into romantic relationship and abuse later. There were various such problems and people who have been created Adams life a mess. Although, when FBI has investigated the case they did not find any such claim against him. His identity has proved innocent.

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