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PUBG Mobile update: Ministry says PUBG Mobile launch in India unlikely

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PUBG Mobile is one of the most awaited app for the gamers. Few months ago in 2020 PUBG Mobile has been banned in India die to the disputes between India and China. Now the gamers are expecting that PUBG Mobile will back in India soon. This is the most controversial question in Indian gaming industry. As there are rumors that game will launch in India but it will take some time. This time is required for the concerns raised by the government. These concerns are regarding the safety protocols and also regarding the safety of the information of the gamers. But PUBG Mobile is one of the most awaited game. As the chances of the games has increased that it has created excitement among the gamers.

Legal Access to game

According to the new reports which are given by government, they hints that PUBG Mobile India launch is unlikely. However, the same report has also gave the information that Ministry has said the access is not illegal. According to various RTI claimed suggested that availability of PUBG Mobile in India will surely take some time for the release. But there are some information that company is working hard to bring the game back in the country. As most of the people are keen interested to have this game back. The main reason that this game is taking time for the launch is that government is mainly concerned about the privacy and security. Until and unless the government will be sure about these two criterias the game will not be available for the Indian gamers enthusiasts.

PUBG MobileResponse to company by government

It is believed that PUBG Mobile company has been working very hard to bring the game in the Indian gaming industry back. But till now they have not received any good response from the government. Also company is urging the government to have this wonderful game back. We all know this is one of the most awaited game. So let’s hope that government will allow this game to be back India with proper security and safety protocols for the gamers. We can just wait for the result.

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