Phyllis McGuire

Phyllis McGuire dead, was 89 years and the last living sister among the trio

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The McGuire sisters were the singing trio in American popular music. This group has three sisters who have been singing in the group and gave major songs to their fans. However the group consists of three sisters name as Ruby Christine McGuire, Dorothy McGuire, and Phyllis Jean McGuire. Recently we have heard the news that Phyllis McGuire have died. She was 89 years and the last living sister among the trio. Although, the reason of the death is not informed. She was died in Las Vegas. The trio was the most popular group in 1950s. The most popular pop cover of 1954 hit was sincerely by the Moonglows. Also their rendition of Sugartime and Sincerely in sweet innocent harmony. If look at the background of the group then they were the most popular singer since 15 years. They were famous for their perfection, dresses, way of singing, songs, and many more. Their synchronisation of the songs while performance was commendable. But the era of the sisters has ended.

Phyllis McGuire

McGuire sisters popularity

During the World War II the sisters popularity rose very rapidly. This was all because they have offered a counterpoint to the burgeoning wave of rock and rolls acts. Later they all took a break from their singing performances in 1952. Later in 1950s their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show their popularity rose again. But among the three sisters Phyllis was the most popular one. All the three sisters released their Sincerely and Sugartime which was turned out to be the most popular one. They has even performed for 5 US presidents. But after some time the group got separated in 1968 but in the fate of God they came together again in 1986.

Phyllis solo career and family

Phyllis was the most popular among the three sisters. After gaining so much popularity while singing altogether she has launched a successful solo career. Later she gave a solo performance in Vegas. However, she got settled in her 26,000 square fit lavish home. She was born in Middletown Ohio where all the sisters went for sometime after being famous. Phyllis even shared her companionship with Mike Davis. She was the last sister left and now her death has end the era of McGuire sisters. However, they all will be remembered.


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