Night Stalker

Night Stalker shocks viewers with graphic scenes, Richard Ramirez who stalked Los Angeles in the 1980s

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Night Stalker is the new series available on Netflix. This series is based on crimes of serial killer. The series is based on Richard Ramirez who stalked Los Angeles in the 1980s. When the series has been announced by Netflix the viewers already expecting some blood shed. As the name suggests it is based on the serial killer so there will surely be some terror could be seen. But this one gave the viewers Night terrors. Although, the content of the series is depicted. But this time the viewers has been shocked by the graphics of the series. Those who are even a big fan of such kind of series they were also shocked. There true crime fans has been also shocked. At the end the the true fans also has to shut off the series due to its graphics. There were many such scenes which the viewers find very distrubing.

Night Stalker

Disturbing scenes in the series

The scenes were distrubing, but subject matter, social media watchdogs were nonetheless shocked. One of the scene include crime scene photos. One also shown by bloody re enactments which has a close up shot where knife was stuck out of a body and the blood was shown in flowing in a slow motion way. In context of this various viewers have expressed that in the series the photographs of the crime scene, and also slow motion blood flowing scene was not needed. But to make the series real the maker have done this. Various users have also informed that the series is so distrubing that they could not even watch the whole series. This series has been counted as very dark by the viewers. There were various people who even stopped the series in between.

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Richard Ramirez history

The series is based on Richard Ramirez. He wa convicted of 13 murders, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults, and 14 burglaries in 1989. All this was shown in very apt manner in the series. But the viewer might not be expecting the graphic to show such a minor details like that off slow motion blood shed. However, Netflix has responded to the Post’s requests.


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