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LG collaborate with Qualcomm partners to develop a 5G in vehicle platform

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LG is one of the best company when it comes to the television and smartphone. The company has been dealing in great devices with wonderful features and specifications. When some new technology comes in the market LG being the first company to utilise the technology in its devices in such a way that it never fails to satisfy the consumer. Just like LG US giant Qualcomm is one of the leading manufacturer of processor in the market. These days the smartphone which we using most of the gadget are powered by Qualcomm’s Chipset. In this technological world people are running towards 5G automotive platforms. And due to which companies are also dealing in such devices which are based on 5G technology. But LG and Qualcomm has done a partnership in which they will develop 5G automotive platforms. They are about to deal in 5G for vehicles and cellular vehicle to everything which is C-V2X technology. This step by two giants of their own files will bring a great device in the market. As both of them are the trusted networks in the market chain.

LG QualcommNext Generation Car Technology

With the introduction of this partnership the company will bring a next generation invention in the car technology. Both the companies will combine their experience in automotive communication technologies with each other. They will introduce a new connected solution from LTE to 5G. LG seems to be confident in this project as the combination of the two giants will surely benefits the world. This partnership will bring tremendous innovation which we might not be able to see if the companies have been working independently. Both the companies uses their strengths. They will be able to connect vehicles nearby base station and perform variety of next generation functions. This includes smart navigation, real time broadcasting, and making emergency calls thought in vehicle communication. This innovation will surely meet the expected demands of the driver and advances the commercialization of C-V2X technology in next gen vehicles. This will surely benefits the driver of today’s generation as they must be expecting the new inventions in the car technological department by various big firms.

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