Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
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PUBG has been one of the most entertaining game for the game lovers. Recently the game has gained too much attention due to ban in India. However, still there are no such chances that Indian gamers could play this game again. The company and government is dealing in agreement to bring the game back in Indian gaming industry. Also PUBG is the most expanding company. The CEO of the company has confirmed that by 2022 there will be two new games for the users. This launch is expected to have an expansion in the royal universe of the game. PUBG has tremendous love among youths. So the introduction of these two new games will surely brings too much excitement among them. Either it’s the PUBG or PUBG Mobile the two versions have amazing updates and in future as well there will be more updates.

PUBGNew games in PUBG

  • There will be two games which will be available by 2022
  • One game among them is the PUBG based horror game.
  • Another game among them is the PUBG based royal game.
  • Both the games will have their own uniqueness and amazing features and specifications.
  • For the time being it was informed by the company that both these games will be available for PC and Consoles. But in future by 2022 the company will make sure that PUBG Mobile will also get the newest updates.
  • The horror game will be introduced as the name of The Callisto Protocol. This horror game will have a glimpse of PUBG features.

PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2 features

  • Till now the users are playing PUBG and PUBG Mobile. In the future the company is expecting to launch PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile 2.
  • This 2nd version of the games will be sequel of the going on game.
  • PUBG Mobile 2 will be available with the codename of Project XTRM.
  • The company has informed that these sequel of the game will be available to the users very soon in the market.
  • Along with this the PUBG is planning to file for IPO which means it is planning to be turn as a Public Company.
  • We have to wait for the availability of these advancement in the company for the countries.

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