Intel and TSMC

Intel has given an outsourcing contract to TSMC for manufacturing 3nm chips by the second half of 2022

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TSMC is known as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. The company is best known for its semiconductor manufacturing in the market around the world. It also deals in designing. There are various semiconductors or chipsets in the market which are manufactured by TSMC. Despite TSMC there is one another renowned company which is Intel. As Intel being the first preference of the market for new gadgets. Intel being the priority of various laptops manufacturing company. And to be in the market Intel also doing a great process. But now Intel is struggling in the computer chipset in the market. Due to the internal disputes in the company Intel is dealing with so many problems in the market. Also the company made an announcement regarding the appointment of current VMWare CEO. Pat Gelsinger will take the control over the Intel next month. Due to all these disputes and struggle Int gave a contract to TSMC to manufacture 3nm chips for Intel. Let’s have a look over the 3nm chips by TSMC.

Intel and TSMCTSMC 3nm process

  1. The upcoming chips will be designed in the mass production.
  2. It will be manufactured by the second half of 2022.
  3. Not only Intel, Apple is the first largest consumer of TSMC which have them order for the manufacturer of 3nm chipset.
  4. As for the Chipset Intel was also having a meeting with Samsung. But later it was found that the company has confirmed the agreement with TSMC.
  5. The conversation with Samsung is left over the primary stage only.
  6. This 3nm Chipset by TSMC will have a huge impact over the Intel Chipset. As Intel gave the order for the manufacturing of Chipset make the Intel second largest consumer of TSMC in the market.

Intel competition

Intel being the first priority of the manufacturer of devices in terms of Chipset. The company faces a huge competition from AMD and NIVIDIA. As being the giant player in the semiconductor market Intel has a worth of about $4 trillion. But they have been losing its grip over the market and competitors have taken the approach of designing chips. Also the involvement of third party manufacturers we have already seen.

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