Huawei patents for new artificial intelligence based drone control system, Unique way to manage Drone Flights

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Huawei is one of the fastest-growing company around the globe. The device which are launched by the company are always loved by the users due to its amazing features and specifications. Recently we have seen that the company has exploring the new categories. These new inventions include the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or Drones. According to the sources Huawei has applied for the drone related parents. This new drone invention by company is something which will surely attract numerous consumers. Huawei has starting dealing in various electronic gadgets except smartphone. Now the company’s involvement in the telecommunications department will attract the users to purchase the gadget from the company. There have been some information regarding the parent of drone revealed. When companies like Huawei brings such inventions in the market will surely make huge profits in the market. Nowadays drone are one of the most useful thing for the bloggers so this time Huawei drone will bring too much attraction to them.


Huawei patent for new drone details

  1. The new patent for the drone has been published with number CN110737212B
  2. The name of them are UAV Control System and method
  3. Since July 2018 the company has been trying to file it and now the patent are published
  4. These patent are related to the control system and also for the method for managing the drone
  5. According to the information these patents include task unit, a first action module, a sensor unit, a first function module, a collaborative computing module, a first response module.
  6. The physical identifier and storage method which is equipped inside the drone helps to read as well as track the information of a drone. This will be done during the full life cycle of the drone.

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Processing of data in the drone

There is a task unit which is placed inside the device which splits the task after obtaining it into target actions. Later the information is sent to be the first function module. Also the first response module by the first action module. After all this the data through the sensor units and performing several actions. The data is processed for the system using an AI action.


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