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Hayley Paige wedding dress designer accuses ex-boss tried to bully her along with constant threats

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Hayley Paige is one of the most famous wedding dress designers. At a very young age, she became the head designer for JLM Couture. However, she also has her own bridal collection in her own name which has one of the world-famous and unique collections. The dresses which are designed by her generally cost about $2700-$6000. Recently it seems to be a battle on the bridal floor. Hayley Paige is Say Yes to The Dress star. She has claimed in court that her former boss tried to bully her along with constant threats. This is done in a bid to get the rights to her name. Hayley Paige has filed a claim in the court regarding this bully. Earlier it was also seen that the wedding dress designer has quit her role at JLM Couture.

Hayley PaigeHayley Paige restraining order

Recently news came that Hayley Paige was devastated after Murphy has obtained the restraining order. She was banned from using social media handles. Also, she was not able to use her own name in any business endeavors. She was facing such problems which were created by Murphy in May 2020. Also, she has filled the problem with the temporary restraining order in the Southern District of New York. She explained that Murphy has claimed her Instagram handle and claim the ownership of her name. Later in December 2020, JLM has sued, Paige. Also won a temporary restraining order which leads JLM to control Paige’s social media. In spite of all these attacks. Paige also claims that all the situation where Murphy was involved has been neglected. She also believes that JLM using her social media handle account is not good as JLM has the right to do so. While all these claims her social media followers were also decreasing. This all created a threat that she will lose her identity in the business. She has expressed her feelings many times in regard to the threat to her identity and also to her business. But things have turned the page and she has filed a claim against her former boss. It’s been one of the most controversial questions till now.

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