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Elon Musk mocks WhatsApp new privacy policy

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WhatsApp is one of the most used applications for conversation around the globe. There are thousands of consumers who are using WhatsApp for the conversation. Also, we have seen that every application gives users updates from time to time. Just like WhatsApp is giving updates to users now. But there is a controversy that Testa CEO Elon Musk has suggested to the users that they could now use signal instead of new updates on WhatsApp. This is just for the revision of the privacy policy by the application for consumers. WhatsApp is one of the most amazing applications. Let’s know the details about the signal and also the reason behind the use of the signal of Musk for the users.

What is the signal?

This signal has allowed the user’s to have one-to-one and group messages to friends and loved ones. Later just like the previous application which allows the users to share the files, have texts, share photos, videos, notes, and many other things. But it seems that this signal is just another WhatsApp rival. Also, this signal was developed by Signal Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC. Those who are thinking that this application is only for Android users then they are wrong. It is for both Android as well as Apple users.

The reason behind the signal

Elon Musk has tweeted regarding WhatsApp’s new updated privacy policy. This has highlighted what WhatsApp is about to give to the users. So if the users allow this then it will collect the data from users and send that data to its parent company which is Facebook. WhatsApp is now owned by Facebook. Also, it has given the users the time till February 8, 2021. And if those who fail to do so could lose access to their account. Elon Musk gave the option to signal that he believes it is a better and safer messaging platform when compared to Facebook’s WhatsApp.

Confusion among the people

There are some people who think that this application is good but some think that this is not a good option. However, some of the users have asked they could use the alternative as Telegram or Signal.

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