Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
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Celebrity kids get fame immediately from their birth due to their popular parents. Most of these kids grow up and eventually follow their parent’s footsteps and join the industry where their parents are already well established. When these kids are young celebs share their growth period on their social media platforms. Even little glimpses or adorable photographs get millions of likes and shares worldwide.

BeyoncéNo entry for media in celebs kids lives

Although there are also celebrities that avoid sharing any photos, videos, or even news regarding their children on social media platforms where news spreads and becomes viral in a span of a few minutes. Instead, they protect their kids from the paparazzi and news hunters that have hawk eyes on celebrities’ kids. Even the pop king Micheal Jackson avoided media to interact with his children and was very protective of them and always kept their faces hidden from cameras when they were too young to face media.

Beyoncé finally shared a glimpse of her twins

Beyoncé made a new year post on her Instagram that included a short section with her twins named Sir Carter and Rumi along with her husband and rapper Jay-Z. The video showcased how they celebrated and welcomed the new year and also included some memorable moments of the year 2020. The video also captured the global ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the massive Black Lives Matter movement in the US that shook the world after Georgia Florida’s death and her speeches she made last year to encourage the healthcare workers. Further, she revealed Black is King being released on Disney. There was also a clip where she was with her kid Rumi who was dancing on her viral song with Meghan stallion savage remix and many cute moments.

Blue ivy is not hidden from media

Beyoncés twins are not shown so much due to which even a little or tease is a treat to her fans and definitely sparks attention to those three-year-olds. Even though the twins are kept away from the spotlight for now, on the other hand, their daughter Blue Ivy is majorly shown and also has been featured in a music video with single ladies singer Beyoncé. Blue Ivy also bagged the title of the youngest to grab a Grammy nomination which already shows her talent and her possible career. We hope to see more of the twins and blue ivy together in the future.

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