Apple Watch has helped a British Cyclist to save his life who caught in a flooded river

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Apple has been the most amazing company around the world. The device which are manufactured by Apple has a different craze among people which makes the Apple the top leading smartphone manufacturing company. It has been dealing in the most innovative products in the market. Recently a Silicon Valley company’s innovative product which is Apple Smart watch has gained too much attention. The smartwatch has helped a British Cyclist to save his life. We have seen various such example where Apple watch it Apple devices have saved a life of a person. The Cyclist was caught in a flooded river where his life was saved because of Apple Watch. When this news came in front marks a memorable moment for the Apple. Apple being the most amazing company which has contributed towards various savers and various noble cause in the world. And Apple watches continue to save life of people till now. Let’s have detailed look over how the life of a cyclist was saved.

AppleCyclist life save caught on the swift Wye river

According to the sources the name of the cyclist was not known yet. He was carried by the water current one mile downstream on the swift Wye River. later in the report the Cyclist was able to manage the things while drowning. He grabbed the the brand by water and called for the help. Using his Apple watch he could be able to have a conversation with fire control personnel. Using the tracking number the fire control personnel went at the place and saved his life. As due to amazing features which Apple watch consists and it’s ability to work properly in the water due go water resistance features the Cyclist was able to have a conversation and seek for the help. His efforts worked well and he was able to get over the situation. Using Apple watch one can make calls via LTE of paired iPhone. It also features an emergency SOS. While using SOS feature one can have a conversation with local government and send text message to the emergency contact numbers. The Wye River was recently on the flood alert. As the local residents of the area have been issued with a flood warning.

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