Tue. Dec 7th, 2021
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Apple removes 46k apps from its Chinese stores, which include 39k gaming apps. This action was taken after these apps failed to submit license numbers within the deadline.

Currently, some Gaming Apps are making headlines and it is not because they are managing to glue users to their screens. If that was happening, it would’ve been a new year’s gift for developers, instead, it’s something that you only wish to avoid. Apple had issued a warning to some Game makers, but mostly Chinese brands to submit a valid license number before July ends. This would facilitate users to make in-app purchases. Later Apple extended the deadline and pushed it to year-end.

As most apps failed to fall within the license issued category, so these apps were removed from the store.

Removal Of Unlicensed Applications

  • Apple removed 46 thousand apps from its Chinese store
  • Among these 46 thousand apps, 39 thousand were only gaming apps.

AppleThe Apple we know

Apple Inc. Is an American Company that is known for making smartphones, smartwatches, laptops, notebooks, and other electronic gadgets. Apple is a big brand and has earned this reputation through these years. It is one of the popular electronic brands, for example, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. It was Steve Jobs with his co-founders Wozniak and Wayne who introduced iOS devices to people. Now every next person you see, owns some product from Apple. And it doesn’t end at owning because you need it, it is more of a statement of style for users.

The Apps that were removed include some popular names

The applications that couldn’t retain their spot in the store include Assassin’s Creed Identity or NBA 2K20. Many applications were dropped this year and only a few could escape narrowly. Now the developers will have to switch to advertisement-supported models of apps in the Chinese version.

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