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Airtel on Thursday said its network is now 5G ready and successfully demonstrating live 5G service

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Airtel is one of the trusted networks in India. The company has been giving tremendous services till now and also claims that they will clear every single query of a person. Even the company has fulfilled it’s promise. Some of the people just know this network company with the name of Airtel but it is actually Bharti Airtel. Recently we have seen various smartphone companies have been launching devices with 5G connectivity. As in the advancement in technologies the networking companies also need to manage their working. So according to that Bharti Airtel has announced that their network is now 5G ready. They have also informed that they have successfully demonstrating live 5G service over a Commercial network in Hyderabad. This lice 5G service seems to be fruitful in the city. As the company has taken a step towards 5G connectivity technology they will also bring this advancement in the various other cities as well.

Airtel 5GAirtel switch to 5G any time

This is the first kind of dynamic spectrum by Airtel which was sharing between both 4G and 5G networks on 1800Mhz band. However, the band is currently running on the same spectrum. According to the sources the company has informed that they will now be able to switch to 5G at any point of time just like they did in Hyderabad. Although, the company has not received the approval by the government and until the government approves the network the company cannot take any step towards it. The company also revealed that they will bring 5G technological advances in the various parts of the India. This will be a great step towards a better future.

Reliance 5G network

Just like Airtel Reliance is also one such networking company which is the most used network in India. In context with Airtel Reliance is also working to bring 5G technological advances in the country. The company has revealed that they will bring 5G network by the second half of 2021 in the country. With the introduction of 5G smartphones the companies need to take a step to bring 5G connectivity in the country.

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