Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
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Team of international code breakers CNN have now solved a 51 year old cipher, which was sent by the Zodiac Killer. That Zodiac Killer had terrorized the northern California with five murders in the later 1960s, taunting police with coded messages sent to the newspapers .This happened by and passed by years.

Zodiac Killer secrete codeCode Breakers

Then they had dubbed the 340 cipher. since, the message was unravelled by a trio of code breakers by a best software developer in Virginia was called as David Oranchak, a talented Belgian computer programmers called named as Jarl Van Eycke and Sam Blake is an Australian mathematician. By decoding the cipher it had revealed the following messages. Actually this message was sent in all capital letters without any punctuation and it included the misspelling of paradise, it says that “The killer hopes that they are having lots of fun in trying to catch the killer that was not the killer on the TV show which brings up a point about the killer. The killer was not afraid about the gas chamber because it will send the killer to paradise all in sooner because the killer said that the killer know there is an enough slaves to work for the killer where everyone else has nothing when they reach the paradise so they are afraid of death but the killer was not afraid because the killer know that it new life will be an easy one in paradise death”. This was the thing which was decoded by the amateur codebreakers.

The Jim Dunbar Show

After the decoding process it was released in the TV show the message refers to the Jim Dunbar Show which is in the Bay Area of the TV talk show but the cipher was sent later, it was received two weeks after a person claiming to be the Zodiac Killer and it was called into the show. It was a big shock, I never really thought we didn’t find anything because they didn’t grown so used to failure, Oranchak. Who was been working on solving the killer’s messages since 2006 had told in CNN.

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac kill was fully with the Bloody bits with the clothing included with his letters is considered as the proof of his actions; he killed as many as 37 people. In FBI statement, they said that the case remains an ongoing investigation .The Police Department in San Francisco has also been made an aware for the solved cipher.

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