yuvraj singh and Yograj Singh

Yuvraj Singh gets trolled on twitter after his father gave a abusive speech during the Farmers’ protest

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Recently we all seeing the situation of farmers in India. They are demanding their rights. The farmers want that the government should take the farm bills  back. But the government is giving them assurance that their rights are safe, they will get complete benefits of these rights. Various cricketers, celebrities, political leaders and many other people are supporting the farmers. Recently one such incident is seen. The famous cricketer Yuvraj Singh gets trolled on twitter after his father gave a abusive speech during the Farmers’ protest. Twitter was flooded, the people were asking to arrest Yograj Singh because of what he said. #ArrestYograjSingh was seen as one of the most top trends hashtags om twitter. This is not the first time that Yograj Singh was slammed and trolled for his words. Although the farmers protest has taken long way.

yuvraj singh and Yograj SinghYograj Singh slammed by fan

Earlier famous cricketer’s father has been slammed by the fans of MS Dhoni as he criticised the former wicket keeper a lot. MS fans were did no find it good. Yograj Singh gave comments as Dhoni was not in his firing line. Again Yograj Singh gas shown his abusive face towards the farmers he even abused the Hindus and insulted Hindu women during his proactive speech.

Yuvraj Singh om his father remarks

Farmers are demanding their rights at Delhi border with various states. There are different views of both farmers and government. The recent controversy of ex cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s father Yograj Singh was not accepted by various people. Yuvraj Singh kept himself away from his father Yograj Singh’s comments made earlier this week during the protest rally. Yuvraj Singh has celebrated his birthday and he wrote that he pray for a swift resolution. He even expressed his feelings that he did not find the comments by his father good. He believed that he has different ideologies. The ideologies of everyone on some topic are different. He even says that he was saddened and disheartened by the statements his father gave. Yuvraj Singh has given too much for the country. We cannot ignore his efforts in cricket.

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