Xiaomi Youpin Electric Fabric Sofa with a built-in USB socket, angles in between 110° to 160°

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Xiaomi is one the most growing company in the World. Xiaomi not only works with the smartphone range in the world but it also has various other range of devices. One among them is Xiaomi Youpin. It is the e-commerce platform of the Xiaomi groups only and the company is growing at a fast rate. This is based on Xiaomi’s ecological chain and its main aim to provide scalability. Recently Xiaomi Youpin has unveiled a new device in the market which is the Electric Fabric Sofa. This sofa has a built-in USB socket. For those who have a very hectic and busy schedule as they do not get time to relax in thei life this is a blessing for them. You can just sit and relax on this Sofa. This sofa has various such features which give a comfortable position for the people according to their needs of the body. You can sit in any position without any backache and other muscular pains. Let’s have a look over the specifications of this electric sofa.


Electric fabric sofa specifications

  1. This sofa gives you a wide range of adjustments
  2. You can change the angles of the sofa in between 110° to 160°.
  3. It offers two modes of sitting or walking you can adjust accordingly whichever angles suits you
  4. It has a three-person design
  5. The device has dimensions of 224 cm × 95 cm × 99 cm.
  6. The backrest of the sofa is made up of thick space cotton.
  7. This fabric gives an extremely soft back experience to the people
  8. You can also use an inwardly inclined armrest to rest your arms
  9. To relax on this sofa you do not require a pillow
  10. It also has left and right sides of the sofa support electric angle adjustment
  11. It has a width of 63.5 cm
  12. The electric sofa has a sitting depth of 51 cm
  13. It is equipped with a USB socket that can be connected to the data cable of charge tablets, mobile phones, and other devices.
  14. The device is available in two colors light gray and gray-green.

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Xiaomi Youpin Electric Sofa price

This amazing electric sofa is selling for 4299 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $658


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