Xiaomi Merach Nano Pro

Xiaomi has launched the Merach Nano Pro Massage Gun on Indiegogo, Specs and Features

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Xiaomi is one of the most growing company around the globe. The company has been diversifying and expanding its business in various categories. It has been launching some great and amazing devices for the consumers. Under the Youpin platform it has been giving great devices for the users. These devices are not even of very high cost but they makes the work easy for the users. Again under the Youpin platform the company has launched the Merach Nano Pro Massage Gun. Recently in July the company has launched the Merach Merrick Nano Pocket Massage Gun under the crowdfunding on the Youpin platform. However, this platform is not open outside China. Now the new product is just the relaunch of what was launched in July. This time it is launched via Indiegogo. And now the device will be available around the globe. This is something which the users must be waiting for so long for the purchase.

Xiaomi Merach Nano ProXiaomi’s Merach Nano Pro Massage Gun Features and Specs

  1. The device a compact body.
  2. It is manufactured using the alluminium alloy
  3. The device is full of strength
  4. It is lightweight
  5. It gives better thermal conductivity
  6. Both the sides of the handle have soft silicon padding to assist with gripping
  7. It is slip resistant which makes the device more handy
  8. It is even anti knock
  9. It gives you three intensity levels which is warm up, enhance, and high intensity.
  10. It is compatible
  11. The device is powered with high torque up to 600mN.m
  12. It has 40lb force
  13. It is a high speed device with impact of 3500rpm.
  14. This can stroke into the hard to reach 8 mm deep muscle group
  15. It effectively breaks the lactic acid in the muscles and gives a quick relief from the pain
  16. This helps in fast recovery of the muscles
  17. This is very comfortable device
  18. It has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh
  19. It can works for 7-12.5 hours
  20. It has super low noise level which is only 40dB at the 3509 rpm maximum speed
  21. It could be used for a month in single charge if you want to use it for 15 minutes only
  22. It can be fully charged in less than 2 hours

The device is available for $89.

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