Xiaomi claims that they will bring three foldable devices by 2021 with 108 megapxiel camera, Specs and Features

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Xiaomi is one of the most fastest growing company around the globe. The company always brings the devices which are up to the technology and the needs of the consumers. However, recently we have seen that there are various companies who are about to launch the foldable devices. Till now Samsung and LG has come in the context of the foldable devices. But now Xiaomi is one among them as it will bring the foldable devices to the consumers in the market. Although, these devices are not of very low cost but they will surely be loved by the users in the market. Xiaomi not only claims that they will bring one foldable smartphone but there will be three foldable devices by Xiaomi by 2021. All the three devices will have different specifications, features, and even design.

XiaomiXiaomi foldable devices design

There is no such information given by the company about the features and specifications of the foldable devices. But according to the sources it was informed that all three devices have different design. It means that the first foldable smartphone will be outfolding, the second smartphone will be in folding, and the last but not the least will be clamshell. There were various such controvieries about Xiaomi in context of the foldable devices. Even numerous times the foldable devices by Xiaomi has been appeared online. But this time the device will hit the market by 2021.

Xiaomi Foldable Devices specs

As we know that there are no such exact specifications bas been revealed by the company regarding the foldable devices. But it was informed that the out folding device will be much more similar to the Huawei Mate X. Thus there could be a larger device than the company’s in folding device. According to the sources it was also expected that out folding device may features a 8 inches display. All the Foldable devices will be condemned Cetus in the MIUI 12 beta. Although this is currently under the wraps. The company has also given orders to various companies regrading the parts of the device. Also the device could have the 108 megapxiel camera. So it will be available in  2021.

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