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The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead plot, details about spin-offs and whether Rick Grimes will reappear in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. Scroll down to see what the Chief Content Officer of the series has to say

The Walking Dead is a Horror series, which is based on a comic book mentioning zombie apocalypse and presents a story of survivors. The comic was written by Tony Moore and Robert Kirkman. The popular series has 147 episodes distributed into 10 seasons so far, each episode running for about 45 to 60 minutes. The series is broadcasted through AMC and Fox Network.

The Walking Dead

  • The Walking Dead will be having eleventh season as its last season.
  • The series also has a spin off named as, Fear The Walking Dead (It has covered 6 seasons so far)
  • Another Spin off The Walking Dead: World Beyond premiered on 4th October of the current year
  • After Lincoln left, Rick’s story kinda halted and AMC has assured the fans that they’d do justice with Rick’s character by producing three movies for Rick

The Walking Dead Release Date

According to Scott Gimple, Chief Officer of Content for the series, there won’t be any scenes with Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead: World Beyond. He said, he prefers to be more direct with the fans and doesn’t want to give any false hope to people. He said that people will learn about the place where Rick flew off to, but he doesn’t like the fact that people are only watching the piece with the hope of seeing Rick Grimes. He said that openly but at the same time didn’t want to offend the fans of the franchise.

The Walking Dead Cast and CHARACTERS

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes (He was the main protagonist of the series till season 9, after which he left)
  • Norman Reedus as Daryl
  • Melissa McBride as Carol
  • Lennie James as Morgan
  • Seth Gilliam as Gabriel

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The Walking Dead About

The Walking Dead is about the survivors who try to escape the zombies. The story has a protagonist named Rick Grimes. Rick is a police officer who is on his duty, when he gets shot. After waking up from coma, he finds that the world has been taken over by the Zombies. So, Rick freaks outs tries to look for his family. On the way, he meets the other survivors of zombie apocalypse. These zombies are named as the Walkers, and they’re trying to take control of the world. There is also some tension between different groups of survivors. To know more about this fantasy-based series, you watch The Walking Dead on any streaming platform like Netflix.

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