Supreme Court Shuts Down Trump Election Prospects

Supreme Court Shuts Down Trump Election Prospects

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Mr. Trump has always been in controversy when the US elections happened. And recently the supreme court of United States have rejected an 11th hour challenge to Joe Biden election as president. The court took this decision on Friday night. The Supreme Court reveals that the Texas did not have legal standing to bring the case. As Joe Biden won all four. He became the president of US this lawsuit was supported by 18 states attorneys general and 106 republican members of Congress. Since the elections held in United States former president and his supported have launched various lawsuits. This all because they believed that he won by illegal votes. But eventually none of them come close to overturning the winning of Joe Biden. Later the court said that they will not hear the case filed by embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Trump’s Loss

This denial by the Supreme Court of United States is another loss for Trump. It’s been more than five weeks that Federal and state courts have rejected most of Trump’s attempts thoroughly. Later his oppositions claimed that the their supporters have no such proof or evidence which they can show and prove their innocence. As they are not innocent. Trump has said that he has not moved on. Although Trump was always been the most controversial president of United States. His decisions were always not accepted by the people. After the decision Trump felt disheartened and he tweeted his feelings. The four battleground states which were targeted by the lawsuit were Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. In order to get all this Trump had conversations with some of the Republican attorneys general.

Questions on Texas

There were various problems which have been asked for the Texas. The main question was the legal standing. Texas lawsuit even asked the Court to delay the vote in four targeted states.

Trump considered the court decision as letting him and his supporters down. Now Joe Biden is elected as the president of United States. It was a great relief for the haters of Trump and a memory to be remember by the supporters of Joe Biden.

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