Samsung AirDresser

Samsung AirDresser launched amid COVID 19 Pandemic sanitize and refresh your clothes

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In this Covid-19 pandemic times, we all have understood the importance of sanitization and cleanliness. There are various companies who have been launching devices that will protect the consumers front his deadly virus. However, Samsung is also one such company that has launched an amazing device. This is the new air dresser. The company has revealed this gadget earlier this year at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This air dresser will protect the clothes and it is the smart solution to protect the clothes from any kind of virus, bacteria, dirt, and even from bad odors. However, to clean your clothes one does not need to wash the clothes just like the normal way. They get cleans automatically if they are kept in this Air dresser.

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung Air Dresser Price and Availability

This amazing device will cost Rs 1,10,000. However, if one wants to buy they can grab this gadget on Samsung Shops, Amazon, Flipkart, and Samsung’s B2B channel.

Samsung Air Dresser Features

  1. This helps in preventing the damage to the delicate fabric.
  2. It helps in increasing the life span of the clothes by cleaning them in a proper way
  3. Thus eliminates the 99.9% of the bacteria and virus from the clothes
  4. You can use this device for leather accesories and even for soft toys
  5. This dryes the clothes at low temperatures.
  6. This even helps in reduction the risk of damage and shrinkage
  7. This can even removes the odour caused by sweat, tobacco, and food on clothes

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Samsung Air Dresser working ?

  1. This device has a four step sanitization and refreshing system
  2. You need to keep the garment inside this dresser.
  3. Then you can initiate the cycle
  4. The cycle includes Jet Steam, Jet Air, Heat pump drying, and Deodorising filter
  5. The Jet Steam sanitizes the fabric by infusing the heat deep into fabric.
  6. The Jet Air release the powerful air which loosen and remove engrained dust
  7. This even do no create too much noise
  8. This helps in keeping the clothes in proper shape, size, maintains the colour.
  9. It also has a self clean technology which cleans, sanitizes, and Deodorises the interior.
  10. It gives the instruction to the user when it needs to be cleaned.


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