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Pokemon Journey Three Parts
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Pokemon or Pokemon Monster is a popular Japanese Anime. It is fiction which is based on the lives of trainers who try to keep up with the trends. They go on adventures in the wild and known, in order to catch the creatures that are nothing close to reality. These species are named as Pokemons. These creatures are present all over the place but in different sizes, shapes, and characteristics.

Pokemon Journey Release Date will announce soon

Trainers catch these Pokemons and train them to make them unbeatable. Every trainer has a goal and that is to earn badges after tournaments. The most popular trainer is Ash who has a partner named Pikachu. Pikachu is a yellow color little animal-like being. It is good at thunderbolt attacks and its attack can defeat anybody. But there are limitations to its powers too. It must keep practicing and training to maintain its body’s rhythm and abilities. When a Pokemon is ready, it can also choose to level up, with which come new features and additional powers.

Pokemon Journey Three PartsThe Pokemon franchise earned excessive fame and popularity because of its massive viewership. Not just the kids, but teens and tweens got addicted to the show. It has touched hearts in different forms like books, comics, games, and animation of course. If anything, Pokemon can be used as a standard for success, for anime and comic book creators.

Pokemon Journey plot will bring you to another world

This success is enough to attract streaming giants like Netflix. So apparently Pokemon has collaborated with Netflix and they are going for a brand new series also known as, Pokemon Journey. It’s season first has four parts and there are currently no reports about the second season. The first part was aired in June 2020, the second part of Pokémon Journey released in September of the current year. The fourth part will premiere in maybe February or March of 2021. And nothing is definite about the release of season 2.

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