OPPO 50W mini Super VOOC charger

OPPO 50W mini Super VOOC charger on sale in China (~$60), Specs

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OPPO is one of the most renowned brand. It has been always loved by the users. As the company never fails to satisfy their customers and even the products have amazing specifications and features. OPPO not only deals in the smartphones but it also has an amazing range of chargers in the market. OPPO’s loyalty towards its customers is the only reason which attract number of customers towards it. Recently in July the company has announced its first 50W mini Super VOOC charger. This is known as biscuit charger due to its tiny size. But don’t go over its size it  offers amazing specifications and features. Although the product is not launched yet but recently OPPO has started selling it in China. As we all know China is hub for such companies who want to launch their amazing gadgets in the market. Let’s have more information about this biscuit charger.

OPPO 50W mini Super VOOC charger Specs

  1. This device has track style ultra thin shape
  2. It has a large area application of multi curve design
  3. It even offers the users a folding pin design
  4. It has an amazing new technology which is pulse Charging
  5. This new technology helps in charging the device in a very short charging gap
  6. Even the polarization reaction of battery will be eliminated
  7. The loss of the battery is much more smaller
  8. The change in the temperature is also smaller
  9. It has a gallium nitride high frequency switch
  10. The transformer size is also small
  11. It’s active clamp flyback control architecture realizes zero voltage
  12. It even offers zero current switching
  13. It measures only for 1.05 cm in thickness
  14. It supports fast charging facility
  15. The device is very compatible and reliable
  16. It can be carried over various places either you are going to a trip or you need to charge your device while walking
  17. It can be fit in all sorts of pockets of shirts, pants, skirts, and even coats

OPPO 50W mini Super VOOC chargerOPPO 50W mini Super VOOC charger Price and availability

The device could be purchased via Huantai mall. It is available on sale in the country for 399 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $60.

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