Nuro robot

Nuro robot delivery cars all set to start operations in California in 2021, Smartest AI ever

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In this era of technology, there are various companies who are trying to develops such devices that help humans in every sense. One such Company is Nuro. The main aim of Nuro is to accelerate the benefits of robotics for everyday life. Nuro is just a startup firm which will be dealing in cars which could work automatically and helps in the deliveries. This will be the first step by the company to develop such an amazing invention. However, such cars will help the people in this covid 19 pandemic time. As this will help in the contactless delivery of the groceries to the people.

Nuro robot

Approval for the operations

The company got the approval to start it’s paid delivery service with autonomous vehicles. However, with this approval, the company gave the information that they will be starting it’s operations in California by 2021. 2021 seems to be club for inventions. Also the California Department of Motor Vehicles director has informed the people that such a new invention of the autonomous vehicle has been confirmed. The company will first start the progress in two localities in the vicinity of the company’s Mountain view headquarters. This will be the first step towards a greater further. The two streets San Francisco and Silicon valley’s streets will get a chance to experience this wonderful opportunity as the cars will be tested here.

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Nuro’s progress in recent times

As Nuro is a startup firm but it has achieved a lot more till now. Earlier in 2017 the company got the approval that they could test it’s vehicles with safety drivers insides. And now we can see that they got the approval for what they actually want to do and make a change for the new future. The company has been growing at a very fast rate as it has earned $500 million this year only. The company has also launched its fleet of fully autonomous R2 vehicle.

This new autonomous vehicle whill be a blessing for small families and to the people who are extremely busy in their life. However, such an amazing gadget will soon be available to the people as the company got the approval for the operations.


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