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Meghan and Harry created Christmas traditions without the royal family in California

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Last year Meghan and Harry created Christmas traditions without the royal family. And now the history is repeating itself. Family has celebrated this year’s Christmas in California. In January the couple had made the announcement that they want to be financially independent. As they couple left their duty and privilege and protection for one of freedom and of uncertainty. However, the royal family was not happy about their decision to leave the royals. Also the internal disputes between the family were also seen when the couple left the royal family. The couple is no longer a royal member. But they are still a part in the royal holiday tradition. This tradition is the royal Christmas card. The royal family is one of the most controversial family around the globe. As people are keen to know what’s going on the family specifically in context of the traditions. Now let’s have a look over the Christmas traditions of the family.

Meghan and HarryRoyal family Christmas traditions

  1. One of the most important tradition is that the royal family member will arrive at the end on Christmas Eve. This is the royal’s protocol but sometimes it depends on the status of the peron in the family.
  2. In the royal family the gifts are always exchanged on the Christmas Eve. The gifts are exchanged as a nod to the German Heritage. Even these presents are opened during tea time.
  3. Christmas lunch and dinner both are the big meals for the family. As men has to wear tuxedos and women have to wear tiaras during the party.
  4. The family always keep pets in the mind and special food has to be prepared for them as well. For the corgis a specific meal has to be prepared.
  5. Those who are the guests at the party are weight before and after the party.
  6. The staff of the royal family are asked to prepare their wish list in March
  7. Prince Philip has to place the star on the tree.

Meghan and Harry, obviously followed the tradition but without the royal family. They have also revealed their Christmas card and even a colorised portrait.

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