KFC has its own gaming console now that will help the gamers to keep their food warm, Know Specs and Features

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KFC is one of the largest food chains around the globe. KFC is also known as Kentucky fried chicken. Despite being providing great food for its consumers. The food chain is now providing a device that will keep the chicken hot while playing the games. This gadget is something that will help gamers to a large extent. They can now play and even get hot and warm chicken. KFC has its own gaming console now. Earlier this year in July the company has announced they will bring an amazing device that will help the gamers to keep their food warm. They have teased this gadget on their social media handle.

KFConsole KFC console partnership

This new device by KFC which is KFC Console is a partnership between KFC and Cooler master, the Taiwanese computer hardware company. Now let’s have a look over its specifications and features.

KFC console specs and features

  1. This console is shaped liked a chicken bucket
  2. It is of black color and has a matte black finish
  3. It also features an ejectable tray for the chicken
  4. There is a power button below the tray which glows red.
  5. Inside this console, it has an Intel NUC 9. This equipment is placed inside a custom Cooler Master NC100 Chassis.
  6. It also features an ASUS mini GPU. This helps in keeping this wonderful device powerful in the future as well.
  7. It has two Seagate Barracuda 1TB SSDs
  8. This device also features Rat Tracing, VR, it even supports 240fps which is for all games
  9. It so features 240 Hz output in 4k monitors and 4K TVs.
  10. However, there are features for the grill or deep fryer inside this device.
  11. This provides you the exact crispy chicken while you play your games.

KFC Console launched to date and price

The company has not revealed any information about the launch date and price of the device. But it is expected that it will be available for purchase by next year. This device will help the gamers to keep their favorite chicken warm and hot. However, this console has an amazing shape and design. Even the specifications are up to the mark. So one must not think it to be a low-cost device. But it offers various benefits so it seems to be worth spending on it when launched in the market.

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