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Huawei Smart Selection Car with Smart running Screen Huawei HiCar and Premium Features launched

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Huawei is one of the most renowned mobile manufacturing company. This has been dealing with smartphones around the globe. But not only in smartphones. Due to these amazing quality devices and the consumers, demand for Huawei mobile phones has encouraged the company to expand its range and even variety. Now Huawei has launched a new product for its consumers. This device is was launched at the conference the company has unveiled the Smart screen S and Smart Screen S Pro. This new device is the Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen. It sounds amazing that such a device could now be available to the people. Huawei HiCar was launched in 2019 by its parent company Huawei. This technology by the company now supports over 20 car manufacturers. For Huawei users, this is an amazing experience. Also one can enjoy various applications such as music, navigation, etc from your smartphone only.

Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen Price and availability

This new screen costs Yuan 1699 which is roughly estimated as ~$259. This new screen will officially be launched by the company on January 8, 2021. But there is one exciting news that this screen will be available for pre-order on December 30, 2020. So you can grab this amazing opportunity.

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Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen Specifications

  1. This screen has an 8.9-inch ultra rear touchscreen
  2. It has brightness up to 700 nits
  3. It has a screen resolution for 1920 × 720 pixels.
  4. This screen does not gives reflections, even it supports cross-screen transfer of mobile applications
  5. This device is pre-installed with 30 supported apps. These apps includes Baidu maps, Gaode maps, and other mainstream navigation apps, NetEase Cloud, kugou, Himalaya, and other music applications
  6. It is equipped with Interactive front and rear pop up cameras
  7. These cameras helps in keeping driving records.
  8. Also this screen offers 360 ° adjustable base
  9. It supports full interactive voice and air control gestures
  10. It screen could also be connected to the original audio system
  11. As it can be paired with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  12. It also supports smart home linkage, cockpit games and various other features.

Hence, we can say that the screen has a proper name it is truly a smart screen.


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