Google has revealed the reasons behind the down of Google’s services like Gmail, YouTube, and various other

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Yesterday Google was down. It sounds strange that such when such a big search engine sticks over some issues what this Google generation could do without it. It was for an hour that the Google services were down yesterday. But the company has revealed the reasons behind the down of Google’s services. Today’s generation is totally based on Google. One cannot imagine one life without Google. And during this era of the pandemic if someone’s Gmail got stuck what someone will do. This is not a minor issue that was faced by users of Google services. This was not only for a smaller region but it was a global outage. In these services, there were Gmail, YouTube, and various other services were included. Doesn’t it sound crazy that Google has stopped working for some time? These days if someone wants to learn something their first priority is given to google. If this happened it could be a nightmare for the people. However, Google gave the information about it lets have look over the detailed information.

GoogleThe reason why Google services were down

Yesterday services such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Calendar, Google Sheets, Google News, Google classroom, Google Assistant, Google Docs, and many other services were down the users of YouTube were not able to watch any such videos on YouTube. Now the reason behind all this was the internal storage quota. This was not for a short time period but it was for 45 minutes. Those who were using such services at that time had experienced high error rates. The company has informed its users that something like this will not happen again. They have apologized to the people who have faced various problems. They even promised the proper functioning of the services in near future. However, this was a big issue that was faced by the users. One cannot imagine their life without these services of Google. YouTube is one of the most growing stations for creators. In the time of work from home, Gmail plays an important role. Even Google Maps, Google Assistant are some of the most used apps by the users.

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