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FDA Approves COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine For Emergency Use In US

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Covid-19 is one of the deadliest virus outbreak around the globe. There were various companies who have been manufacturing the vaccine for this virus. Although we have been seeing some positive results by the companies in the production of the vaccine. Recently for the in US FDA has authorized Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to be used. However, this vaccination can only be used in the case of emergency. It has shown various countries have been allowing the use of Pfizer’s vaccine in the emergency case. For the millions of highly vulnerable people the country has already begun giving the shots. This Authorization was signers by the chief scientist of the company on Friday. This Pfizer vaccine gave a ray of hope for the world. As people have been dealing a lot with the coronavirus deadly virus.

Countries have the approval

Pfizer vaccine have been showing an amazing result against this deadly virus. This COVID 19 took around 290,000 lives in the United States. And finally the vaccine got the approval for emergency use. Not only United States there are six more states who have approved the vaccine. These countries include Britain, Bahrain, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. It expected that in the upcoming weeks the European Union will also approve the vaccine.

Pfizer’s coordination

There are various authorities who have been in the coordination effort to from Pfizer. These are private shipping companies, state and local health officials, the military, hospitals, and pharmacy chains. Although the nurses and the hospital workers need to be vaccinated first as they need to perform their duties. So it is expected that the first batch will be given to the nursing home residents and the health care workers. The vaccine need to be kept at ultra cd temperature.

Availability of Pfizer’s vaccine in United States

There are six major cities which will receive the first shipment of the vaccine. These cities are Florida, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Hollywood. Along with thus the University of Vermont Medical Center and state warehouse will get the initial supplies of the vaccines. In this difficult times a vaccine is must to treat the people from this deadliest virus.

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