Citroen cute little Ami electric cars have been spotted on the street of Wuhan, China

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China never fails to keep technological active in the world. Recently we have seen as it has installed smart turnstiles with binoculars camera in the Beijing Metro Line 5. And now one more addition to its technological development. Recently Citroen’s cute little Ami electric cars have been spotted on the China’s street. These are spotted in Wuhan, China. As we all know China always have some amazing technology which helpsĀ  it’s citizens and even to the other countries as well. For those who don’t about the Citroen it is has French car manufacturer who had produced a little electric car. This car is called Ami. The company has produced this car this year only and now it is seen on the streets of Wuhan. Citroen manufactures cars with innovative technology with the Traction Avant. All this has improved the image of the company.

Citroen little Ami electric carCitroen Electric Car Availability

The car was seen on the streets of Wuhan, China the company has started manufacturing car in June 2020 and now available in some parts of the Europe but not in the UK. However, this indicates that the car will also be available in China. As when it was seen on the streets this could be the test drive of the little gadget.

Citroen Electric Car specs

  1. The car which was seen in Wuhan has wheels and body painted bright red.
  2. The car has a large area of light transmitting glass
  3. It also has a panoramic glass sunroof. This ensures a good sightline.
  4. Only two people could sit in the car as it is rafted for two people only.
  5. However, the control system of the car is very much similar as it is in the normal car.
  6. The car has a very simple interior design.
  7. There is no sperate trunk built in the car.
  8. There is good storage space provided at the behind of the seats in car.
  9. The car is equipped with a 6KW motor
  10. It has 5.5kWh battery pack
  11. It has maximum speed of 45 km/h
  12. It has maximum cruising range of 70km
  13. It is positioned for short distance or for rental in cities only
  14. It has body length of only 2.4 metres
  15. It weighs for only 485 kg
  16. The color of the car can be customised according to the people.
  17. It is equipped with charging cable and can be charged using 229V city power.

Electric car price

This car cost for 6,000 pounds in Europe. Those who are 14 years old in France and 15 year old in Germany can drive this car.

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