Beijing Metro Line 5

Beijing Metro Line 5 will have a new smart turnstiles with binocular cameras, Know Specs and Features

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China is one of the most growing technological economy around the globe. It offers various such technologies which provides amazing experience to the users. This time the Beijing Metro Line 5 will have a new smart turnstiles. However, in the country Beijing Metro line is considered as one of the most important source of transportation for the people. There are numerous people who use this time to travel throughout the city. Not only the important transportation but it is also one of the main spot where various technological innovations could be seen by the country’s citizens. Recently the country has announced that they will equip LG display 55 inch transparent OLED display panels. There are for the subway trains of Beijing and Shenzhen. And recently the country has announced a new pilot project which will surely benefits. The people and also various technological innovations could be seen in this wonderful project.

Beijing Metro Line 5Reason to install Smart Turnstiles

As it was announced that the country will install Smart turnstiles in the Metro line under the pilot project. And China did this on 25 December, 2020. The main reason behind this development as the traditional subway turnstiles are large in size. The traditional ones even use the beam sensors to identify the pedestrian. It also had low accuracy. There were various problems which has been caused by the traditional one such as missing people, fare evasion, and trapping. However, now this new turnstiles has been installed now it is expected that such problems will not be a hindrances for the country’s technological environment.

Smart Turnstiles features

  1. These new turnstiles will give high accuracy
  2. They are equipped with a set of binocular camera at the top
  3. These cameras have binoculars technology which help in keeping a track on each and every citizen properly.
  4. This will protect the safety of the people
  5. It will prevent the problem of trapping, missing people
  6. There is also an effective anti inch technology which even helps in preventing injuries.
  7. They have a length of 1400 mm
  8. They are 180 mm wide
  9. The binocular side doors will helps in ticket checking.

This these camera will ensure the safety of the citizens at a proper extend.

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