Sat. Sep 18th, 2021
Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606
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Xiaomi and China Unicom have jointly launched the new product called Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606 today. The Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606 has been equipped with a dual core with a four thread 880MHz processor which will easily support the flow of data in Gigabit. It also comes with an Ethernet ports and gigabit dual band WiFi with lower network latency. The router will consume up to 256MB large memory storage to ensure that the stability of data transmission. It can stably connect 128 devices without any pressure.

Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606
Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606

Features of WiFi

The Xiaomi router CR6606 adapts to a new generation of WiFi 6 technology with is a dual band concurrent wireless rate of up to 1775Mbps which is of 52% higher than that of mainstream with AC1200 routers. It uses a full mega network port to make a full use of every mega bandwidth. It is equally supports the OFDMA with the efficient to transmission of reduces network congestion and that enables smoother internet connection that must be access on multiple devices. The router is equipped with the four external 5dBi that high gain unidirectional antennas with a reasonable structure layout. It supports the LDPC error correction algorithm with a significantly enhancing the anti interference ability and signal coverage during the data transmission.

Specs made by Xiaomi

Xiaomi router CR6606 is supports Mesh networking, 5GHz WiFi, even network cable can be used to connect the router. The theoretical rate of wireless networking is as high as the 1201Mbps and the multiple routers can form a star, chain or wired and wireless hybrid network. If there is a change in the routing equipment that has the channel of network that the network can be actively resynced and it can be ensure by a stable Internet experience. At the same time it is supporting the Xiaomi’s smooth connection function and smart devices can easily get access to the network just with a the click of a button. On this occasion, this new network router is characterized not only by its support for the WiFi 6 standard, but also by its 5G connectivity.

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Price of the product

The product has been officially launched on November, 10, 2020. The router has caring a price tag for a 299 Yuan that is of $45. Currently the Xiaomi WiFi 6 Router CR6606 is on sale in China via China Unicom. This new router will bring the result of the collaboration with China Unicom will only be sold in China that so before using it in as a traditional way Xiaomi would have been to launch a modified version.

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