Mi Wireless Mouse

Xiaomi launched curved buttons Mi Wireless Mouse Lite with a minimalist design, 2.4GHz WiFi

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Xiaomi has launched it Mi Wireless device. This device is Mi Wireless Mouse Lite. It has a minimalist and lightweight design. This seems to be the perfect version for your computer device. It is handy and Compatible. It helps in the fast scrolling and smooth gliding on any Surface which you use it. It will also work fine on the rough surface. This is useful for people who love traveling. They can carry this wireless device with them easily. Also the device is not so much big that it is compatible and fits easily in your bag. It is available for Yuan 39 which is roughly for $5. But during this 11.11 shopping season, it will be available for Yuan 29. You can purchase this device via Jingdong.

Mi Wireless Mouse

Mi Wireless Mouse Lite SPECS

  1. This device will be integrated curved buttons
  2. It has simple ridges to provide comfortable feel when you use this device.
  3. This device has elegant design
  4. It is available in the combination of dark gray and black is deep and stable.
  5. This is made from the Teflon material
  6. It also has good wear resistance
  7. The device is low friction coefficient
  8. It even has the quality of self lubricating which helps in the smooth working of this device
  9. It supports 2.4 GHz transmission technology
  10. It has lightweight design which helps you to work easily

Specifications of Mi Wireless Mouse

  1. It has dimensions of 98.1 × 56.0 × 34.4 mm
  2. It weighs for 82 grams
  3. The receiving distance of the device is 10 m
  4. It has a connection of USB dongle
  5. The precise point positioning is 1200 dpi
  6. It has 4 number of buttons
  7. The standby time is about a year
  8. The power source is battery AA × 1
  9. It could work with OS windows 7/8/9, Mac X 10.8 and above, Chrome

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This device helps in the smooth functioning of the tasks. It is easy to perform. It also gives an impressive and amazing look to your desktop. As you can see it is wireless so you can work easily with his amazing device. It even has good wear resistance. It works smoothly and freely. You can work quickly and anytime as well as anywhere with this Mi Wireless Mouse.


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