WhatsApp shopping button Update, Give you access to create a catalog of the items

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WhatsApp has been adding various new features to its application. Recently the app got approval for the wider rollout of payment services in India. Now it has launched a new feature. This feature makes shopping for customers easier. For those who are involved in businesses, they can create a Whatsapp business account. This feature has some more features which the normal or we can say the standard account does not have. Now, these new features give you access to create a catalog of the items which you want to sell in the market. This makes your selling easier as the customers could quickly view your catalog.

WhatsApp shopping button Update

WhatsApp Changes with the new feature

Before this feature the customers has to tap on the contacts name on the top of the chat, or they has to overflow button to View Contact before accessing to the catalog. Now with this shopping button which you will se next to the call button will allows you access directly to the list of the item for sale. This will reduce the time and also the number of taps that you used to do before accessing the catalog.

Avail of WhatsApp new feature

You can see that sometimes there is an automatic update to the WhatsApp app. But sometimes you have to do so. So now if you are not using the business account change the settings from standard account to the business account. Also this feature is already rolling out widely. But if in any case you are not able to see it on your phone while using the business account which has the catalog. Then you must go to the app Store and update you app to get this amazing feature

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WhatsApp Updates

This update has so many benefits for the small business. This is also beneficial to customers. There will be save of time and easy access to the catalog. Also we have seen that the application has given so many new features for both the regular as well as business owners in past few months. These updates include the QR code, catalog sharing, animated stickers, expansion of video during video calls, advanced search, store management tool.


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