Vikings Season 7

Vikings Season 7- Release Date, Plot, cast And Latest Updates

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Vikings is Canadian drama series. This is was premiered in March 2013 in Canada. It is one the historical series which loved by the viewers so much. It is all based on the European history during the middle ages. Till now it has 6 seasons. And now the season 7 is about to come. Also the first half of the season 6 was already premiered in February 2020. Also according to the information this 7 season might be last season of the series.

Season 7 Release Date

Season 7 is all set to launch in November 2020. However, before the season 7 launch we need to see what is left in the Season 6 remaining episodes. Till now there is no information about the release of the Season 7 so we could just wait for the time being that it will get launch or not. There are rumors that the season 6 remaining episodes will be the last one for series. Also the release date is not confirmed yet.

Vikings Season 7Cast

This is not clear that the season 7 will get Release but if it get released then the episodes will have the main cast as it was seen in the previous episodes.

  1. Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha
  2. Alexander Ludwig as King Bjorn
  3. Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe
  4. John Kavanagh as The Sheer
  5. Marco Ilso as Hvitserk
  6. Alex Anderson plays Ivar the Boneless
  7. David Lindstrom play Sigurd
  8. Ben Robson plays Kalf
  9. Danila Kozlovsky plays Oleg the prophet

These might be the star cast for Season 7 if it could get released.


The season 6 is remaining almost half. So first the release of season 6 will take place. Till now there is not hope that there will be season 7 before 2021 end. Or might happens the creators have a surprise for the viewers. Before the release of season 6 remaining part we cannot say anything about the plot for the another season. Until and unless the remaining part is not released we cannot say anything that either the season 7 will release or not. But this is one of the marvelous series. It even rates high. The fans must be waiting for the season 7 they must be hoping for the another package of entertainment.

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