Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
Verzuz Battle- Gucci Mane To Go Against Jeezy
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Jeezy was arranged to go up against T.I during Season 2’s opener of Verzuz, the online rap competition judged by virtual judges. But Gucci Mane confirmed that the 1017Records Boss set off an alarm through an Instagram post which said that he would take up Tip’s place. The information was posted along with a flyer for the event, without any explanation. Just five days before, Jeezy had given an appearance on The Breakfast Fast, in which he stated that Gucci had declined to be his opponent in a Verzuz event. He said that the could collaborate together for the culture and he “respectfully declined.” Now, Gucci has had a change of heart and is all set to jump in the ring with his formal rival.

Verzuz Battle- Gucci Mane To Go Against JeezyCould Gucci Want Vengeance For Historical Bitterness Between Jeezy

 In 2015, The Fader ran an oral history on Gucci’s musical career and had touched up on his recent riff-raff with The Snowman. Gucci’s former manager Greg Street had stated that Def Jam Recordings had tried to transfer the credit of the collaborative song “Icy” to Jeezy, as he was inclined to the imprint. But Gucci strictly refused to cooperate. Street tried to make Gucci understand the consequences of Jeezy being signed to the record, because it will still be Gucci’s record too no matter what and it will be beneficial for him too. But Gucci was too annoyed with DJR’s actions and that was when the whole beef started. As fate would have had it, Jeezy was lately elected as the Def Jam interim Chairman and CEO Jeff Harleston’s Senior Advisor for A&A and Artist Development, updating his career to an entire full circle.

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