Fri. Jan 21st, 2022
Tropical Storm Eta
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Florida currently faces a rising two-punch from the Tropical Storm Eta, which would sooner or later evolve itself into an unstoppable hurricane and manage to drop up to a foot of rain on the southern part of the state on Sunday, before retreating back into the darkening clouds of the Gulf of Mexico, to refresh itself for round two. Having caused a landfall in Cuba during the early hours of Sunday’s dawn, Eta now has Florida in its crosshairs. With the assistance of rainfall- with isolated areas experiencing around 18 inches- Eta could be enhanced enough to bring a four-feet storm along with it. The National Hurricane has issued a hurricane warning, and a storm attack for the most parts of Florida Keys.

With Water Comes Landfalls

Eta would be the first ever storm in the season to create a massive landfall in the state of Florida, as reported by the Weather Channel. Governor Ron DeSantis had declared a state of emergency crisis on Saturday in around 8 southern counties that are most likely to fall prey to the forthcoming storm, and those counties are Lee, Miami-Dade, Collier, Hendry, Martin, Monroe, Broward and Palm Beach. Eta has all the possibilities to curl itself into a full-fledged hurricane as soon as the end of today, depending on the behavior of the winds in the center of the system, also known as the “eye.” NHC Senior hurricane specialist Stacy Stewart had forecasted on Sunday morning that if the dry air does not penetrate into Eta’s inner core later today, then the cyclone could become a hurricane before it reaches the Florida Keys tonight.

Tropical Storm EtaHeavy Rain To French Central Florida; Eta Has Round 2 in Store

Regardless of when exactly Eta becomes a whole hurricane, forecasters expect heavy rainfall to continue to drench portions of Jamaica, the Bahamas, Cuba and as far as Central Florida. In the Florida Keys, however, devastating tropical storm force winds should begin by late Sunday afternoon, with the winds extending up to 125 miles from the center. Stewart also informed that “a tornado or two” are possible tomorrow or the day after. By early morning, Florida Keys can well expect hurricane conditions. Surge swells can cause life-threatening surfs and rip off current conditions. Having 2020 as a year of wounding surprises, after Eta’s first pass at Florida, there might as well be a second wave. The storm is most likely to regenerate itself in the Gulf of Mexico, where it could change its gears northward and head back towards the state’s western coast. NHC Director Ken Abraham stated that it’s going to “take a while to get this thing out of here.”

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