Roidmi NEX 2 Plus

Roidmi has launched NEX 2 Plus Wireless Vacuum Cleaner with a 2-in-1 design

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Roidmi has launched a NEX 2 Plus Wireless Vacuum Cleaner. This gadget has come with the 2 in 1 design. Roidmi is the Xiaomi’s ecological chain which deals in ecological products. This is the next generation vaccum cleaner which has brand new 2 in 1 integrated design. There are many such products which the Xiaomi has launched earlier as well. But this time this product has some unique and amazing design. This device costs for Yuan 2599 which could be roughly estimated as $392. On November 11 this product will be sold on the discounted rates. It will be available to the users only for Yuan 1799 which is $271. This NEX 2 Plus is the advanced version for the NEX 2 and NEX 2 Pro vaccum cleaner. These products were released earlier in April.

Roidmi NEX 2 Plus
Roidmi NEX 2 Plus

Features for NEX 2 Plus

  1. This device has an electric mop
  2. It also has a cordless vacuum cleaner
  3. This cleaner could be used for both the purposes such as to wet or dry.
  4. It allows in hte suction of dirt as well as for mopping the floor. This allows the users to perform both the tasks for cleaning the floor simultaneously.
  5. This also allows the user to switch between vacuuming and floor cleaning modes. You just have to plug and unplug this device
  6. This gives the high performance wireless vaccum cleaning
  7. This is also the wireless floor scrubber as well

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Specifications of the NEX 2 Plus

  1. This NEX 2 Plus has 120,000 rpm brushless digital motor.
  2. It is equipped with 150W suction Power
  3. It also has Engine X 2.0 optimised system
  4. It has 8 cone cyclone dust gas seperation technology
  5. It has all round roller brush. This features allows you not to change the different roller brushes according to the carpet, floor, and floor tiles.
  6. It uses the nano level hydrophobic fiber technology
  7. It is waterproof
  8. It has anti winding structure
  9. It has battery life upto 80 minutes
  10. It has classic magnetic charging
  11. It is controlled by the micro penetration technology
  12. It has high speed strong wiping

This device is amazing for the cleaning of the floor. The 2 in 1 design gives the users so many benefits that they could use such an amazing device simultaneously. This is much more effective than the manual cleaning.


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